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Knowing Your Politician: Easy as Typing Your Address

Updated: Apr 9

by Evan Higgins

Our Story

During the runup to the 2016 election, my best friend and I (Kabir Oshodi) spent

hours trying to understand who were the elected officials on the ballot in

Philadelphia. At that same time, our friends used Carvana to buy cars. Like a lightbulb,

it occurred to us why is it so hard to learn about upcoming elections and what our

candidates stand for?

Taking Action

While we had this idea in 2016, we saw several different companies attempting to

address this issue and called it quits. Then the death of George Floyd during the

pandemic occurred. After seeing weeks of protest, we felt there had to be a more

effective solution than putting your body on the line for change.

We decided to dust off our plan for this platform and started to build out multiple

iterations of the Know Your Politician platform. We went from having people sign up to

making this free to the public and for making sure we are focusing on judicial system as


Making Voting Simple

We built KYP with one goal in mind! Making voting simple for the average person (notice we didn’t say voter). So much effort are placed on a subset of voters but with voting margins thin, it makes sense to expand your base to help create greater voter turnout. We believe increased voter turnout starts with education.

Ready to get started? Head over to to get started today!

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