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Our Innovative Team

Innovators Transforming the Ordinary into Extraordinary

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David Washington

Co-Founder and CEO of J & Washington, CEO of Door To Door I-4, Inc

David Washington is a political innovator and passionate leader with over 30 years of experience. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of J & Washington LLC, which provides affordable and efficient public relations and campaign management services.

With a unique perspective in behavioral health and voter behavior, David has a proven track record of success, having helped to elect members of the Orange County Commission and secure the passage of important legislative initiatives.

David is committed to supporting the best people with the best ideas to represent their communities. He is a well-rounded leader with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a unique approach to his work.


Joel Hawksley

Co-Founder and Content Creator, J & Washington, Owner, Hawksley Media Group LLC 

Joel Hawksley brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a remarkable 15-year career as a combat veteran in the US Army, Joel served in critical roles as a military policeman and communication specialist, honing his discipline, communication, and strategic thinking skills.

Transitioning into the professional business world, Joel has amassed an impressive 18 years of executive-level management experience. He has a keen eye for analyzing economic conditions, identifying business trends, and anticipating potential market shifts. Moreover, his expertise extends to working closely with government agencies and political leaders, providing invaluable analysis and campaign services.


Joel has built a solid reputation for delivering on corporate goals and objectives by exemplifying an unwavering commitment to upholding high ethical standards. Now, he is ready to assemble an exceptional team that consistently delivers outstanding results for clients and partners.


J & Washington are poised for continued success with Joel. His extensive experience makes him a trusted and valuable partner in driving results and achieving excellence in business.

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Angelina Rahaman

Political Director

Angelina Rahaman is an opinionated young lady who is passionate about improving her generation one conversation at a time. She brings her gentle spirit and faith to every issue.  

Her journey in politics has just began as she has recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's in Advertising and Public Relations. With a strong passion for both the world of marketing and politics, she aspires to educate the public on the importance of civic engagement and advocacy. 

Angelina considers herself blessed for working with the best team in the world and even more blessed for the tremulous amount of support and guidance she has received from David Washington and Joel Hawksley. 

John DeMaria

President, 7th Legion Multimedia Inc.

John DeMaria is the accomplished Founder & CEO of 7th Legion Multimedia Inc., demonstrating his expertise and creativity that align perfectly with our organization. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, John brings his immense talent to J & Washington.

With a remarkable skill set and extensive knowledge in videography, John excels in capturing breathtaking visuals and employing exceptional lighting and camera techniques. As our services expand, his contributions have been invaluable. Additionally, John's exceptional editing skills have elevated the quality of our projects and beyond. He is our esteemed podcast producer for Morning Constitution, You Can’t Make This Shit Up, and The David Washington Show.

As the Founder/CEO of 7th Legion Multimedia Inc and a trusted business partner, John has established himself as a reliable and indispensable asset to our organization. We can always count on his unwavering dedication and expertise. Outside of work, John nurtures his passion for the outdoors, indulging in various outdoor activities. Get the picture?


Zachary Mullne 

Video Production and Social Media Staffer, Independent Filmmaker, UCF Student, Associate

Zachary Mullne is a student at the University of Central Florida pursuing degrees in Film and Mass Media Communications. He has spent years studying the ever-changing world of filmmaking and mass media communications. Focused on present creative opportunities and possessing various certifications in video production and social media spaces, Zachary is ready to contribute to the J & Washington Network and their distinguished clients. 

His enthusiasm for storytelling has led him to develop a love of history and, as a vehicle for contemporary history, civics. Through J & Washington, he has found a path to combine these passions in a way that would help propel the J & Washington brand into a bright future. He is familiar with not only the political environment but also has a wealth of knowledge about both popular culture and social media – an asset for those who desire to connect with wider audiences. 

With a creative eye, tempered by his knowledge, experience, and strong work ethic, Zachary is well-prepared to succeed at J & Washington and his ensuing pursuits. 


Danielle Carvella

Account manager, UCF student, Associate

Danielle Carvella is a senior at the university of central Florida, pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Business with a minor in International Business and certification in Strategic Communication. With a passion for strategizing and innovation, she brings with her a history of marketing, market analysis and public relations experience, and proudly contributes as a member of the Quotes Ad/PR club at UCF. 

Passionate about refining brand strategy and enhancing campaign efficacy, Danielle is dedicated to using her skills to positively impact both the local political landscape and business outcomes, all while actively contributing to community betterment. Through thoughtful communication strategies and a strong commitment to social responsibility, she aspires to develop meaningful connections and drive positive change across diverse sectors.

Danielle is eager to learn more about the political realm and excited to cultivate her skills as an account manager associate, guided by J & Washington.


Kellen Clark

Social Media Account Manager, UCF Student, Associate

Kellen is an up-and-coming Senior at the University of Central Florida studying Advertising and Public Relations. Kellen is passionate about all things government and politics, and is always looking for better ways to govern. Kellen is working with J&W to expand public resources, improve outreach efforts for officeholders and candidates, and reconnect the public to their government.

Kellen has already taken tremendous strides to improve the quality of the J&Washington network, and its flagship podcast “You Can’t Make This Shit Up.” Kellen will continue to elevate the social media and outreach efforts of J&Washington, its clients, and business partners. He is never fully satisfied with the work done today, and always has more coming just around the corner.

With a wealth of passion and knowledge, Kellen has much to offer the governmental world far into the future.

Aaron Santamaria

Video Production and Social Media Staffer, UCF Student, Associate

Aaron Santamaria is a driven junior at the University of Central Florida, where he is passionately pursuing a degree in Filmmaking. With an innate love for visual arts and storytelling, Aaron's journey seamlessly merges his academic pursuits with his practical experiences in video and content production. As a member of the J & Washington social media team, Aaron brings a unique blend of creativity and technical proficiency, offering invaluable contributions to the company's endeavors.

Driven by his deep-seated passion for both content creation and political discourse,


Aaron is eager to immerse himself in the dynamic environment of J & Washington. His fervent interest in politics serves as a catalyst for his desire to explore the intersection between media and public affairs. Throughout his internship, Aaron is dedicated to maximizing his learning opportunities, gaining firsthand insights into the intricate workings of political consulting.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Aaron is poised to make a meaningful impact during his tenure at J&Washington. Eager to leverage his skills and enthusiasm, he looks forward to contributing to the team's success while honing his craft in the captivating realm of political media.

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