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Public Affairs

Influence public policy, build and maintain a strong a reputation

Our Public affairs team is ready to build and develop a relationship between you or your organization and a variety of politicians and other decision-makers at the local, state and federal levels of government.

While public affairs is associated most often with lobbying, it’s actually only a very small part of what our public affairs team provides. Our services are comprised of research, strategy planning and providing comprehensive advice with your best interest in mind.

Clients who are interested in using public affairs are often large companies, charities, trade unions, membership organizations and interest groups. We proudly take a bipartisan approach to our commitment to your public affairs needs and are prepared to provide dedicated resources for your needs. 

Our team will engage stakeholders in order to explain your organizational policies and views on public policy issues, assisting policy makers and legislators in amending or crafting better policy and legislation. We’ll provide statistical and factual information and lobby on issues which could impact upon the organization’s ability to operate successfully.

Our team aims to influence public policy, build and maintain your solid reputation and discover common ground to facilitate positive results.

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