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Competitors seldom do an efficient amount of cavassing.

We create customized plans to meet your political campaign, advocacy platform, public works project, or private development project's needs and budget with competitive, flexible pricing and staffing options.


As a Door To Door I4, Inc. canvassing network member, we are growing across Florida to serve needs throughout the state.


Our Canvassers are seasoned professionals who are familiar with the Central Florida region. New canvassers are screened and trained for all types of canvassing.


Door To Door I4, Inc. offers consulting services in traditional AND digital door-to-door canvassing.


Door To Door I4, Inc. partnered with Kentucky-based to provide one-to-one IP and device-level targeting of impressions (ads) for every business and political campaign need. Through's patented IP Targeting technology, digital impressions are targeted to customers and voters by matching their IP address with their physical address, bringing a wide variety of banners and display images to the sites the targeted customer and voter visit on the internet.

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