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J&W Visits Intern Pursuit at UCF

By: Angelina Rahaman

After months of preparation, the day of Intern Pursuit quickly arrived. A day that once felt distant was suddenly coming to fruition in the blink of an eye. This Intern Pursuit was especially important to me because this was the first time I entered the Pegasus Ballroom, not as a student, but as a proud representative of J & Washington.

Intern Pursuit is Central Florida’s largest bi-annual communication and media internship fair, hosted by Quotes, the Ad/PR club at the University of Central Florida. As the former President of Quotes, I was honored to serve and advocate for the student body. This advantageous and transformational time fostered a passion for leadership and servitude that I carried into my post-graduation life.

From the time I was accepted into the advertising and public relations program to the time I received my diploma, I anticipated my return to UCF. Luckily, my goodbyes to my school were short-lived thanks to Intern Pursuit. I had the opportunity to give other students the same life-changing experiences I once received.

This event is more than just an internship fair; it is a chance to unite old and new friends to celebrate the next generation of professionals. It was an honor to serve as one of the innovative faces behind J & Washington. I would love to thank our wonderful team for their hard work and dedication.

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