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Ditch the Conventional Wisdom, Forge Your Own Political Path

David Washington

Dec 20, 2023

The importance of staying in your own lane and focusing on perfecting your strategy, team, and execution.

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago with friends, we used to ride our bikes around the neighborhood, organizing races and creating obstacles. In one race, I was in the lead, confident I had it in the bag. However, I lost focus, constantly checking on my friend behind me, gloating and laughing. The result? I crashed, lost, and learned a valuable lesson.

This lesson applies to political campaigns. Campaign managers and their candidates need to stay focused on their own path, not constantly worrying about the competition. It's crucial to concentrate on your strategy, team, and execution, rather than obsessing over the opponent's every move. Your competition likely isn't as concerned with your campaign as you might think. They are focused on their strategy, just as you should be on yours.

When you divert your attention to what others are doing, you risk losing sight of your goals and ultimately losing the race. Regardless of your competition's actions, maintaining your lane and sticking to your strategy significantly increases your chances of success.

So, if your opponents are showcasing their achievements on social media, remember that the real hard work may not be publicized. Voters often look beyond surface-level details when deciding whom to support. Focus on your strategy, stay in your lane, and the chances of winning become much greater.

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