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🚨The New Must-Have Tool For Campaign Consultants

 📚 Featured Book: Beat the Incumbent by Dr. Louis Perron, Ph.D.

I found inspiration from the new book I am reading, Beat the Incumbent: Proven Strategies and Tactics to Win Elections by Dr. Louis Perron, Ph.D. I specifically examine Dr. Perron's concept of "candidate quality" and its critical role in influencing election outcomes. In doing so, I created the Candidate Quality Index (CQI), a new tool to assess a political candidate’s readiness to begin a political campaign for elected office.

 ✨ Candidate Quality Index (CQI)

J & Washington developed a unique Candidate Quality Index (CQI) to evaluate political candidates based on three crucial metrics:

- Awareness: This metric assesses a candidate’s name recognition, community involvement, and social media presence.

- Finances: Here, the focus is on a candidate’s ability to self-fund, their fundraising skills, and the strength of their network.

- Message: This evaluates the effectiveness of a candidate's messaging, ensuring it is eye-catching, inclusive, and resonates well with voters.

📈 CQI in Action

The CQI aids J&W in assessing potential clients. This ensures they can bring the best resources and strategies to every campaign. By combining the CQI with other analytical tools like the Lean Campaign Model, Strategic Campaign Plan, Leesburg Grid and SWOT analysis, J & Washington tailors the most effective campaign strategies for each client.

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