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Political Salsa

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"PolSa Incorporated (Political Salsa), a 501(c)3 corporation, provides the general public, specifically the Puerto Rican and Latino communities, with a platform to engage with the future and current leaders in the social, cultural, educational, and political environments."

Picture an exhibition hall, filled with the vibrant rhythms of “political salsa.” This is the scene at PolSa Incorporated, better known as Political Salsa, an annual event that is shaking up the political landscape in Central Florida.

Political Salsa elevates the political discourse with a unique blend of culture, education, and community outreach. It serves as a dynamic platform where Puerto Rican and Latino voices can pose vital political inquiries to government officials and political candidates. In turn, these leaders have the opportunity to engage directly with the communities they aim to serve, fostering a more informed and inclusive democracy.

Founded in 2014 by Anthony Suarez, Political Salsa began with a small, balanced group of elected officials of Puerto Rican descent, three Democrat and three Republican Florida State Representatives, who agreed to speak with the Central Florida community at Barry Law School. The event’s founder, Anthony Suarez, envisioned an opportunity to foster an unbiased and honest discussion for our community and an opportunity for local media to highlight the Hispanic community’s issues and the importance of this share of the voting population.

Now, led by Executive Director Christian Suarez, Political Salsa is entering a new era, introducing an annual event highlighting the Latin American diaspora and presenting the best political-themed event Central Florida will experience. Political Salsa is more than a political hob-nob or a networking event. It's a unique experience that takes political engagement to a new level.

Imagine a place where the discussion is lively, the entertainment is contagious, and the community is engaged. Imagine a place where the issues that matter to you are front and center, and the people who want to engage and serve you are accessible. This is Political Salsa. It's an innovative and consistently dynamic experience for our guests, vendors, and sponsors. Join us on the dance floor and let's make politics a little more vibrant.

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