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Thank you.

We want to take this opportunity to recognize our past associates who have made significant contributions to the J & Washington family. We couldn't have built this company without your hard work, dedication, and commitment. You will always be a part of our family, and we are grateful for your contributions.

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Addison Rich

Former Account Manager & UCF Intern Pursuit Student 

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Addison Rich, a former Account Manager and Intern joined J & Washington from the University of Central Florida as a sophomore studying Advertising and Public Relations. With a creative mind and a wealth of writing knowledge, Addison significantly impacted our services during her time with us.

Addison eagerly took on behind-the-scenes roles in various projects, including Political Salsa, "The Informer" newsletter, the Intern Pursuit March event, and J & Washington's podcasts such as "You Can't Make This Shit Up." Her contributions played a crucial role in expanding our reach and enhancing our offerings.

As our first Advertising and Public Relations Intern from UCF's renowned Intern Pursuit program, Addison demonstrated her dedication and talent. Even after her internship, Addison remains part of the J & Washington family, and we welcome her back anytime. During her tenure, she gained valuable experience, earned three college credits, and successfully published our company's first edition of "The Informer" newsletter.

We are incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Addison. Her commitment, skills, and contributions have left a lasting impact, and we wish her continued success in her professional journey.


Derbou Nasseur

Former UCF Student Intern

Nasseur Derbou is a junior at the University of Central Florida, where he is pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations. With a passion for visual storytelling, Nasseur has been working as a freelance photographer since 2017, capturing moments and creating compelling visual narratives.

Beyond his photography skills, Nasseur is also well-versed in digital editing tools such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro, enabling him to enhance and bring his creative vision to life. His proficiency in multiple languages, including Arabic, French, and English, stems from his diverse background, which allows him to effectively communicate and connect with people from various cultures and communities.

As a trailblazer, Nasseur is proud to be one of the Advertising and Public Relations interns from the prestigious internship program, Intern Pursuit, at the University of Central Florida. His experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to any organization, and he looks forward to making a meaningful impact in the industry.

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